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Superman: Son Of Krypton

By: Alex Ross

Giclée On Paper

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Alex Ross

MEDIUM:  Giclée on Paper Edition
SIZE: 27.5" x 18"
ARTIST:  Alex Ross
SKU: CP1536

ABOUT THE IMAGE: Across the years, Superman has been immortalized as a legendary hero through art and film. However, the Man of Steel is much more than just pop culture for artist Alex Ross. Ross harbored a strong admiration for the icon – Superman became a muse, one of the forces that drove him to become an artist and work to where he is today. This design was inspired by Max Fleischer’s 1941 Superman cartoon series. Fleischer’s dynamic, action packed representation is apparent in Ross’s Son of Krypton, which captures the valiant, fearless essence of this quintessential hero.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Alex Ross made his artistic debut at three when, according to his mother, he grabbed a piece of paper and drew the contents of a television commercial he'd seen moments before. By age 13 he was scripting and drawing original comic books. Ten years later? He was hired by Marvel Comics to illustrate Marvel's central characters in the comic book event, Marvels (1994).  He has published many books over the years and is know as bringing the "human" side of comic book characters to life