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Sunday Drive Sericel: Mickey and Minnie

By: Disney Studio Art


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Minnie and Mickey Mouse

MEDIUM: ​Limited Edition Sericel
PRODUCTION: The Nifty Nineties, 1941
IMAGE SIZE: 14" x 11", comes with matte frame
SKU: CCV1986

ABOUT THE IMAGE: The Nifty Nineties is an animated short film produced by Walt Disney Productions and released in 1941. The animated short was directed by Riley Thomson and animated by Ward Kimball, Walt Kelly, Fred Moore, Claude Smith, David Swift, and Les Clark with effects animation by Art Fitzpatrick. It was the 113th short in the Mickey Mouse film series to be released, and the fourth for that year. The film stars Mickey and Minnie Mouse and romanticizes the decade of the 1890s.

ABOUT THE MEDIUM:  Sometimes called serigraph cels, the serigraphy process involves silk-screening each individual color to the cel. Every distinct shade is a separate screen and pass, flawlessly reproducing each color.