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New Adventures Of Batman Production Cel: Batman And Batgirl



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Batman and Batgirl

MEDIUM Original Production Cel on Printed Background
IMAGE SIZE: 12 Field
PRODUCTION: New Adventures of Batman, Sins of the Father

DESCRIPTION: “Sins of the Father" tells the story of how Tim Drake came to be Robin. Steven, Tim's father, was once a member of Two-Face's gang, and now he is suspected to have stolen something, although no one knows what. Two-Face's pursuit of Tim leads him on a direct collision course with Batman. Having always been an admirer of Gotham's own Dark Knight, Tim leaps at the chance to impress his idol.  It is notable for officially introducing Tim Drake to the series, providing his origin story as the new Robin. It also marks the first appearances of Two-Face and Alfred in the new series.  Another interesting note an uncostumed Dick Grayson appears at the end, while Nightwing does not appear at all.

SKU: RCS8399