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Dexter's Lab

By: Cartoon Network Studio Art

Limited Edition Cel


Cartoon Netwok Studio Artist 

MEDIUM:  Limited Edition Cel
SIZE: 10.5" x 12.5"
ARTIST: Cartoon Netwok Studio Artist
SIGNED: Hand-Signed by Genndy Tartokovsky
SKU: HB1032 

ABOUT THE IMAGE:  The art for Dexter's Lab limited edition was created at the Cartoon Network studio in Burbank. The original drawing was hand-inked, then the master inking printed onto a sheet of exlar film through the silk-screening process . Each cel was then hand-painted. The background was reproduced using a fine lithography process. Each piece from the edition was individually numbered and features the signatures of Genndy Tartokorsky. It was also printed with the studio seal of authenticity.

ABOUT THE MEDIUM: Hand-painted limited edition cels showcase legendary characters and recreate classic moments from great cartoons, using the same materials and techniques as were used in making the originals. Cel painting is a time-honored, and extremely exacting process requiring that each color be individually applied by hand.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Cartoon Network Studio Artist’s bring your favorite CN characters to the silver screen!