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Financial Notes

Layaway Policy: All layaway sales are final. Our interest-free layaway program enables fans to secure their art while spreading the cost over time.  We make every effort to give fans a chance to own pieces they love without financial restraint.

Free 6 month layaway: put 25% down and take up to 6 months to pay the balance off. Layaway reserves your order so that you will still receive your products, even if the edition sells out during your layaway time period. If a customer does not make a payment for 60 days, the layaway will be cancelled. The merchandise will no longer be held and all funds deposited will be forfeited. We will attempt to contact customer via telephone, email and certified mail before considering the layaway in default.

Special Section: Is Purchasing Pop Culture Fine Art a Good Investment? 

This is a great question to ask any gallery to test their integrity. We have heard so many gallery owners brag to customers that what they are buying might command a multiple of 15x in years to come. We find this a very unethical and unprofessional response and caution you from buying from anyone who makes a statement like that. We always like to encourage collectors to purchase based on a personal investment: you love the painting. It likely will become a family treasure. After all, few characters have held their intergenerational appeal the way those depicted in our art have.

So if you’re looking for a short answer: yes. Basic economic principles apply to art just as they apply to any other limited edition collector’s item: when authentic, there are set amounts available. As pieces are bought and kept off the market, damaged, lost, or otherwise impeded, the total supply decreases. The relative value of each limited edition, in theory, then, rises.  Additionally, art tends to appreciate based on this principle: The more famous or well known the artist is, the higher the demand for their art. Higher demand translates to higher market prices. 

Although limited editions from such artists can appreciate, originals from the artist hold the greatest value since original art is completed entirely by the artist and there is only ONE original. This means that piece of work will be seen and recognized more than an unpublished original and the more recognized an original is, the more value it typically retains. For example, Disney Licensed artist James Coleman achieved this stature years ago. Prior to having his Disney artwork published, James gained notoriety as one of the top Disney background artists who worked on major motion pictures such as “Beauty and the Beast” and “Little Mermaid” to name a few. As a result, James’ original Disney’s often fetch $20,000 to $80,000.

Some collectors like to support a new Disney artist in hopes that their work will become more popular which often results in that artist’s works going up more in price. A great example is Rodel Gonzalez who was a new Disney artist about 4 years ago. At that time, you could purchase one of his original Disney paintings for around $3,000. Since then, Rodel’s popularity has exploded and this same original painting which sold for $3,000 would now sell for $8,000. 

Something else galleries often will not tell you is due to the rampant frauds which are sold in today’s market, a collector may encounter some difficulties in selling a piece of artwork on their own since most intelligent buyers use caution and often prefer to purchase from an authorized reseller. With this in mind, a reseller may have to acquire the help of a gallery in order to successfully sell their piece, which often results in the gallery acquiring a percentage of the sale.

To sum up: buy what you love and leave the investment analysis for the financial markets. Even with the economic principles positively affecting your authentic purpose, the total value can prove to be higher than simple appreciation: the pride of owning a great piece, the thrill of showing it to your friends, and the joy of passing it down to a smiling gift recipient.