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Figaro is a character from the classic Disney film Pinocchio. As Geppetto's pet kitten, Figaro serves as a symbol of companionship and loyalty, inspiring viewers to cherish their relationships with their own pets and loved ones. Throughout the film, Figaro is portrayed as a mischievous but endearing character, often getting into trouble but ultimately remaining devoted to his owner and friend Geppetto. Figaro's playful and expressive nature, as well as his adorable appearance, have made him a fan-favorite character, captivating audiences of all ages. His interactions with other characters in the film, including the goldfish Cleo and Pinocchio, add a layer of charm and humor to the character, making him both entertaining and memorable. Figaro's appearances in subsequent Disney projects, including the short film Figaro and Cleo and the animated series Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, have only added to his enduring popularity among fans.