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Curare is a character from the animated television series Batman Beyond. She is a skilled assassin and member of the League of Assassins, a shadowy organization that operates in the world of the show. Curare first appears in the Batman Beyond episode "Curse of the Kobra," in which she is hired by the Kobra Cult to assassinate the mayor of Gotham City. She is initially successful in her mission, but Batman intervenes and stops her from completing the job. Despite their initial conflict, Curare and Batman develop a complex relationship over the course of the series. They share a mutual respect for each other's skills and often find themselves working together to stop various criminal organizations and villains.

Curare's character is defined by her code of honor and her loyalty to the League of Assassins. She is a formidable opponent, but she also has a strong sense of duty and is willing to put herself in harm's way to complete her missions. Throughout the series, Curare's story arc is one of redemption. She begins to question the morality of her actions and the goals of the League of Assassins, eventually breaking ties with the organization and joining forces with Batman and his allies. Curare is a fascinating character in the world of Batman Beyond, and her complex motivations and relationships with other characters make her a standout figure in the series. Her skills and determination make her a formidable opponent, but it is her growth and transformation over the course of the show that makes her such a compelling character.