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Batgirl, also known as Barbara Gordon, is from the Batman: The Animated Series. She is the daughter of Gotham City's Police Commissioner, James Gordon, and a skilled martial artist who fights alongside Batman to protect the city from its villains. She was initially introduced in the series as the daughter of Commissioner Gordon, who was a close ally of Batman in his fight against crime. However, after witnessing Batman in action, Barbara became fascinated by his heroic exploits and began training to become a crime fighter herself.

Donning a costume and adopting the persona of Batgirl, Barbara teamed up with Batman to take on some of Gotham City's most dangerous villains, including the Joker, Two-Face, and the Penguin. Batgirl proved to be a formidable fighter, skilled in both hand-to-hand combat and the use of various gadgets and weapons. In addition to her crime-fighting activities, Barbara also had a civilian identity as a student and computer expert. She frequently used her skills to assist Batman in his investigations, often hacking into computer systems and tracking down leads to help solve cases. Throughout the course of the series, Barbara's relationship with Batman evolved from a mentor-student dynamic to one of equals. She gained Batman's trust and respect and proved herself to be a valuable member of his team.